Interdisciplinarity, multilingual settings, competence oriented and hybrid teaching build a didactical approach of the proposal:

Hybrid teaching combines face-to-face and online activities: it offers students flexible learning experience; it allows to place time consuming assignments (tests, exams) in the online classroom, whereas face-to-face time can be dedicated to group activities.

Interdisciplinarity is fostered on the level of the audience as well as on the level of the project team combining sociology, political science, social policy, gender and language studies.

Multilingual teaching offers activities in English, German and Ukrainian. This will help to reach out more students: first, to bring together German and international students fluent in English; second, to allow students not so well experienced in English to follow classes in language (German or Ukrainian) comfortable for learning.

Competence orientation means that the courses is organized to foster critical social assessment, self-reflection, individual and group responsibility, team-work, empirical and methodological competence.