The project DoEU has the following objectives:

Equip students and young professionals with knowledge of European Union
This Jean Monnet Module offers three-yearly platform for promoting EU studies and specifically dedicated to European integration. This project contributes to the understanding of how European integration and cohesion affects different individuals, social groups, and regions, and how this in turn affects their support for the EU and their engagement in Doing Europe.

Promote innovation in teaching and research in the field of European studies
The module makes extensive use of ICTs and provide Open Educational Resources. ICTs allows to organize joint classes with the students from the partner-universities. Open Educational Resources will be provided for the larger audience. The courses are taught online in the form of synchronous lectures, webinars and asynchronous online discussions facilitated by using Moodle and DNFconf/Zoom. Selected lectures will be publicly accessible and recorded for future reference, whereas the webinars and face-to-face classes will be restricted to the course participants.